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A one woman clown show devised and performed by me and directed by Ben Target.

It's 1998. Geri Halliwell is leaving the Spice Girls and David Beckham is wearing a sarong. Somewhere in England a ten year old girl is pretending to be Eric Cantona. Fan/Girl is an absurd, optimistic and joyful clown show that offers a tongue-in-cheek ride through the ups and downs of nineties football. Bryony explores what her younger self loved about football and why this changed. Love it or hate it, football's coming home.*                                                                                                                                                           
                                                    *to the theatre.


Poplar Union, Thursday 16th September, 7.30pm. Tickets here.
Poplar Union, Saturday 18th September, 7.30pm. Tickets here.

Director - Ben Target
Lighting Designer - Lucy Adams
Sound Designer - Annie Fletcher
Movement Designer - Lucy Bishop


As part of this project, I interviewed women in their twenties and thirties about their relationship to football.  Archive of these interviews is below. If you’d like to share your experiences with football please contact me.

© Bryony Byrne