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“It’s funny, and charming, and very much its own film” LOCO Film Festival

When an ambitious but inept scout leader, Akela, attempts to turn her scouts into Superscouts, she reignites an old rivalry with her nemesis Katherine, the Eagle Owl of the girl scouts. Blinded by ego they lead their young charges into a safari park and onto the trail of a criminal organisation.

This charming, oddball feature is made in the do-it-yourself tradition of good scouting for an ultra-lo budget of just £7,000. Beautifully shot, with a handmade aesthetic and off-kilter comedy, this is ultimately a film about how we define who we are amidst the roles assigned to us.

Written by me and directed by Canadian Comedy Award Nominee, Alec Toller, the film features an original score by Ross Gilmartin (Sherlock Holmes, National Geographic) and features British comedy talent and Funny
Women finalist, Lorna Shaw (E4, BBC Comedy Feeds) alongside me.

© Bryony Byrne